Sunday, January 18, 2009

How Deep

A floating cloud reflecting in the sea
One fish says “How deep?”

“I don’t know You are in the ocean”
She replied “Of my question, you’ve not a notion”

Maybe you’re right I thought
But think like me…

Am I floating in you or are you floating in me?
How is it possible I’m SOOO far.

Can’t you see me?
Yes I can see you, See you in the sea.

That’s why I ask “How deep is thee?”

Why do you think you are Sooo far?
Are you not a sea’s son?

Soon if you’ll search the theory of monsoon
You will realize you’re not just a cloud

You are thy son and for me a boon.

I live in you, you live in me
You melt for me

I felt for you
You are nearest near
You are dearest dear
Around me, you are here.
If you don’t believe, and want to prove
Ask for birds or butterflies, they will approve.

You are in me, I am in you.
So feel How Deep…

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