Monday, April 26, 2010

its romance to groove yourself.

It’s all up to you that you in light your life.
Or throw yourself in the fire of desire to burn.
All alone day & night you can fight with all strife.
A candle of light house waits for deep one’s return.

To come across of this cosmic dark sea
You may be notice a little light, from inside
What will indicate divine path very clearly.
Toward peace proceed with passion and pride

So what? If no one is beside behind or with you
The journey of joy can’t you enjoy with inner one.
Like sun with no companion shines brings new view.
You too Oh Deep Certainly unique! Knower of your depth is none.
How? Pure Love improves yourself you’ve yourself to prove yourself.
Movement of life is a dance its romance to groove yourself.

Friday, April 16, 2010

मुक्तक:संयोग-जवाँ अल्हड़ सी एक लड़की।

निगाहों ही निगाहों में हुई कुछ गुफ़्तगू ऐसी
दिलों में बढ़ गई एक दूसरे की आरजू ऐसी।
बयां ना कर सकेगी ये जुबां अहसासे उल्फत को
गज़ब महबूब की चाहत जगी है जुस्तजू कैसी॥

कभी जंगल में रहता हूँ कभी बस्ती में रहता हूँ।
हुआ जोगी दिवाना दिल, तेरी मस्ती में रहता हूँ॥
न कोई डूबने का डर, न चिंता पार होने की,
कभी मौज़ों में रहता हूँ, कभी कश्ती में रहता हूँ॥

जवाँ अल्हड़ सी एक लड़की,सुनहरी धूप सी सुन्दर,
बिना दस्तक दिए खिड़की से दिल की ,घुस गई अंदर॥
बड़े चुपके से और रौशन हुई यूँ रुह तक मेरी
बनी कविता ऋचा पावन बना मन प्यार का मंदिर॥

बदन उसका सलोना ज्यों वसन्ती हो लता कोई
नवल कोंपल कलि कुसुमों में उसकी नवलता सोही।।
छिटक सी है रही सुन्दर छ्टा क्षण क्षण भुवन वन में
भ्रमर मन में अमर रस कामना हूँ पालता त्योंही॥

तुम्हें मालूम क्या कविताओं में, मेरे वो छ्न्दों में
वही ग़ज़लों के शेरों में,मेरे गीतों गयन्दों में॥
वही स्वछन्द हो लयताल सुर पर गुनगुनाती है।
वही पहली वही है आखिरी मेरी पसन्दों में॥


हमारी ही तरह अहसास ए उल्फत यार तुमको भी,
हुआ था वाकई सच्चा क्या हमसे प्यार तुमको भी॥
नहीं लगता नहीं लगता ये बदले देखकर तेवर,
बसाना था मोहब्बत का नया संसार तुमको भी ॥

मुहब्बत को तिजारत के तराजू में धरा तुमने।
वजह है कौनसी माशूक जो बाजू करा तुमने॥
हवस में हुस्न की, जेबें जो खाली कर रहा तुमपर।
उसी शातिर को सर आँखों पै हाय क्यूं धरा तुमने॥

नहीं है इश्क जो शर्तों पै समझौतों पै टिकता है।
नहीं है इश्क जो जिस्मों की गर्माहट में सिकता है॥
रुहानी असलियत है इश्क ,न तजवीज दुनियावी
तभी तो यार ये बाजार में बिल्कुल न बिकता है।

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Love is real

As you feel
Love is real
On life’s reel,

Don’t unseal
With true love
Life can’t deal.

Pain won’t peel
Always wounds
Time is wheel.

Monday, April 12, 2010

on the life’s canvas

How can I stop listening, my heart‘s song?
Through your eyes you’re singing, so sweet.
With the symphony of Silence, you prolong.
Harmonious Melody along with heart’s beat.

As an artist within finest beauty of you
Reflects like moonbeam oh Deep one sun!
Most romantic radiance full new view
You create on the life’s canvas as a poetic companion.

Your vigorous vibes Compel absolute peace and bliss
With a lively groove one move wholesome.
Extremely fun, full of freedom just feel and wish
Wondrous life‘s kisses are just awesome.
It’s so sweet your presence, Dreamy creamy is your touch.
My whole soul ready to love you much oh much .

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Divine Messenger

Dear Divine Messenger Please come close, come closer.
The whole world awaits your word, sing out loud so you’ll be heard.

Wonder ~ full is your vibration, dance in deepone’s celebration
Quench our thirst at Christmas time with your nectar: Divine wine.

We are ships lost at sea, with no map, no destiny.
Hold your Holy candle so; we can see the way to go.

Prayers of innocence and joy, forget us not that baby boy!
Born to share that Holy night, a message of his LOVE & LIGHT

Deep Angels Poem

Only me lonely me
In your love diving deep
Stillness allows me to be
Forever one our hearts sleep

Chocolate lips will take sips
In silence on hearts lake
Always strong always true
No misplaced word shall either take

Oh angel lovely heart
Clinging why singing why
The lake is a reflection of the story inside
Dancing and twinkling the stars in the sky

Golden time will prolong
Infinite deepones the song
Compassionate warriors come together hand in hand
Against the harsh storms of nature as one we stand.

Freedom Freedom Love Love

I am wanted, but I want Freedom Freedom, Love Love.
I have chanted, but I chant Sacred Sounds from Above.

Piece of Peace, give me please, I beg you on my bened knees.
My wings are weak, I am not free, Reaching for thee over seas.

Behind the cloud of confusion, is thy Remover of Illusion.
Give bright light my holy sun,~Deepone peace for everyone.

I don’t want to be unique, fame nor fortune do I seek?
I don’t want to live in heaven, nor be a wonder of the seven.

I want only simple life, with honesty and all strife
Grace of God for always, sincere spirit night and days

My heart is singing a welcome song, oh love please bring freedom along
Fly so high in infinite sky, change vibrations at least try

Open my hands and from my glove, release the bird of peace: A dove
Oh my messenger, Oh my dove, Share my prayers of Freedom Love.

Lotus of love

Lotus of love is smiling sweet,
Like sugar cane when our lips meet.
My heart’s lake is trying to dance,
In rhythmic waves of deep romace.

Oh my sun please send me soon,
Your rays of light delight in tune.
Face of flowers with sincere sent,
Spreading love with pure intent.

Inspired spirit, heal my soul,
To reach loves height is ~Deepones goal.
Heart is hard in hiding place,
So walk soft in God’s Grace.

Leaves of thought growing up,
Seeds of season fill my cup.
My hear beatst by your heat,
Bowing by thee Divine feet….

Oh My Moon

Oh Lord receive my hands up please!
I bend before you on my knees.
In an ocean I have a moon
to keep safe I need a boon.

When will it come closer to me?
My hands are like the wave of sea.
I want to hold like a balloon.
Why so high in sky that moon?

With smiling stars and singing trees,
I feel inside Midsummer's breeze.
Your rays, Your light in night of June.
Inspire hearts to dance in tune.

To touch you, kiss you boundaries dying.
All that's left is my heart sighing.
My heart is ocean your face the moon.
In your vibration I start to swoon.

Thought are flying like a cloud,
Sounds of love like thunder loud.
Within my life please come soon,
Remove all darkness, oh my moon.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Secret of life

You are the nectar of my life.
Bringing sweetness where there’s strife.

Through your breath my love grows.
Like a long stem of red red rose.

Language of love is silent and still.
Listen closely if you will.

Tongue can’t tell Heart can’t disguise
the brilliant light shining from your eyes.

Rhythmic waves of sincerity.
Rise to reach divine clarity.

Secret of life is deep one.
Searching for that moon and sun.

I don’t know

Who are you? I don’t know.
Who am I you don’t know.
Don’t try to know who we are!
Just continue to go…..
Don’t be fast don’t be slow
Follow your own flow.

Love’s flower life‘s a tree
Throw your thorns to be free.
Who is good? who is god?
Who is real? Who’s a fraud?
Heart’s heat, Mountain’s snow,
a drop of words, tear’s that blow.

Everyone has a deep mystery
Why do you cry for history?
Don’t worry dear be happy
Lift thyself from sorrow’s sea,
Please don’t wait for tomorrow
Who knows how long is life’s show.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Divine rain

I have capacity to hold my pain.
Sincere heart, but not smart brain.
Life is topsy turvy like Himalayan
To climb it’s not so easy, smooth or plain.

To love means to lose all
To never again gain,
So don’t think, feel it
It is divine rain.

Sun and moon are wheels of time.
Creating movement in moments prime,
For day and night is not good rhyme
Yet to rise and set join Deep-one’s chain.

Spirit of Love

Oh my Great Spirit why are you so high?
To reach you, to touch you many times I try.

So many times I try to reach you, to fly
But I cannot fly, so my heart begins to cry.

I climb the steps up to you 6 upon 20,
Covering great distances, and still there is plenty.

My eyes have no power, to see your whole size.
To comprehend your vastness, I am just not that wise

Oh more wonderful wonder, creator from above.
You are my all, my everything! Eternal Spirit of Love.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

upholding you, is my goal

I was so comfort full for you as an old shoe.
You weren’t afraid if I got stolen or ruined.
Didn’t matter if I had on me mud, dust or dew.
You had banged me hard all the time & attuned.

On your own foot there is always my tongue
You had stretched it daily and tied tight with lace.
I felt sophisticated, wet internally, unheard & unsung.
To sing my tragic song where do I go with this face?

I am so deep from inside, on my high hill,
I will carry you correctly if you will fill me in.
I don’t have any shiny polish or to refill
The cranky cracks of my rough and tough skin
I need the touch of love to heal my sole.
I’m still beneath you as a shoe upholding you, is my goal.

Friday, April 2, 2010

adore you love Always!

There are tears, but not from fears at all.
Insensible appearance of love wet eyes.
Oh mystic being! Try to hide, don’t let them fall
On your cheeks, these pearls are beyond any price.

I know that you want to meet and touch thy feet
Everything that you think you have,
Offering to thee as a divine greet.
In the church with love you filled the nave.

Accomplished with love’s rhythmic beat
Your pure deepest heart’s song,
Resonating angel’s heart, so lovely so sweet
Congregation repeats with devotion all along.
To prolong this unique song purely deep one prays.
With wet rosy cheeks adore you love Always!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

step back to the start.

When your back becomes heavy, the strain too much.
Dig deep inside, feel the stillness you have the support.
Feel his presence and calm…. and ground your heart.
Its ok, everything is perfect step back to the start.

I have seen the forces of nature.
Swing the pendulum to where it belongs.
When the spirit and word are only of truth.
The bird sings its song.

Honesty and hard word prevail, they will always win the race.
I have tested the boundaries, stood fear in the face.
Now I sit quietly and ponder, everything’s natural home.
In the shade or in the sun or where the wilder beast roam.

Each person has a decision; where their energy should lie.
Move towards safety away from harm, the body does cry.
When the heart is pure there is nothing to fear.
Always protected, always one with the divine its clear.

Small acts of kindness, like pure magic dust.
Sprinkling light in a world of darkness appreciation is a must.
And oceans of gratitude break through the dam.
A tender humble heart, that does maketh the man.