Thursday, April 1, 2010

step back to the start.

When your back becomes heavy, the strain too much.
Dig deep inside, feel the stillness you have the support.
Feel his presence and calm…. and ground your heart.
Its ok, everything is perfect step back to the start.

I have seen the forces of nature.
Swing the pendulum to where it belongs.
When the spirit and word are only of truth.
The bird sings its song.

Honesty and hard word prevail, they will always win the race.
I have tested the boundaries, stood fear in the face.
Now I sit quietly and ponder, everything’s natural home.
In the shade or in the sun or where the wilder beast roam.

Each person has a decision; where their energy should lie.
Move towards safety away from harm, the body does cry.
When the heart is pure there is nothing to fear.
Always protected, always one with the divine its clear.

Small acts of kindness, like pure magic dust.
Sprinkling light in a world of darkness appreciation is a must.
And oceans of gratitude break through the dam.
A tender humble heart, that does maketh the man.

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