Thursday, April 8, 2010

Freedom Freedom Love Love

I am wanted, but I want Freedom Freedom, Love Love.
I have chanted, but I chant Sacred Sounds from Above.

Piece of Peace, give me please, I beg you on my bened knees.
My wings are weak, I am not free, Reaching for thee over seas.

Behind the cloud of confusion, is thy Remover of Illusion.
Give bright light my holy sun,~Deepone peace for everyone.

I don’t want to be unique, fame nor fortune do I seek?
I don’t want to live in heaven, nor be a wonder of the seven.

I want only simple life, with honesty and all strife
Grace of God for always, sincere spirit night and days

My heart is singing a welcome song, oh love please bring freedom along
Fly so high in infinite sky, change vibrations at least try

Open my hands and from my glove, release the bird of peace: A dove
Oh my messenger, Oh my dove, Share my prayers of Freedom Love.

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