Monday, March 29, 2010

stay safe in the nest

Tired, vulnerable, scared and uptight
Questioning choices, is it fair is it right
Where does this doubt come from never seen it before
Always told to walk through an open door.

Lethargic, no sparkle, the suns in the shade
The body slumps, head down, the decision is made
How to cut the fog, uncover the bud
How to keep that compassion awake in the mud

From above everything is beautiful happening just right
From below on the ground still unknowns still uptight
Just a few words and freedom to sore to the sky
Please let them be kind, no poke in the eye.

So demanding the desire to succeed, all consuming at times
Let the body rest, flow with the force, everything will be fine
The long wait is now over the end is in sight
But will beauty really be there in the middle of the night

Every soul is tender scared and true
When there is so much to be grateful for why pity you
So the wounds should be nurtured, body left to rest
Everything passes, keep your calm and stay safe in the nest

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