Monday, March 29, 2010

Infinite love is always there

Crazy moments restless mind
Always grasping & acquiring… never find
Stillness and energy to uplift ones heart
In a hidden oasis they have a made it a special art

Selfless gifts through selfless acts
Through nurturing, sharing and giving back
Reflecting wisdom from the sages of old
Why is this truth so hard to hold

Smiles of the elders soften the heart melt the soul
Reflecting an impact so great one can only bow
In reverence, in shame
How can such an individual value my name

The light has been shone on the path so bright
Deep angels provide support to give up the fight
Searching deep inside for the message that’s true
Why should anyone feel blue

On the darkest days when its hard to find
Searching inside and outside the restless mind
Turn your head to the sun and realize once more
Infinite love is always there like it was before

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