Thursday, December 31, 2009

A poem is expression of divinity through human heart

A poem is expression of divinity through human heart. Harmonious company of nature bring rhythmic melody to every song. So be natural at every pulse & enjoy movement of time. To understand every poem you need to give your mind a chance to be an immature babe! & just Dance! Dance! Dance! It’s very good way to say my Dear Happy new year!

Oh Holy Candle ! Continue….

Continue, Continue Oh Holy Candle Continue

Every Moment, Every Pulse, Illuminate something new.

Open heart, don’t be tight, fly so high like a kite.

Everywhere spread your light, your pure spirit ever bright.

Matters not, day or night, Glory of Thee keep in you.

String of strength is your wick, fuel of feeling’s poetic.

tic, tic, tic; click, click, click, passing time, candlestick.

Hold in you, hold in you, oh holy candle hold in you.

Autumn winter seclusion, spring and summer explosion

Every Season with Reason, Every Reason with Season

Reason Season, See! In you, you enlight every view.

Thunderstorms, Tidal waves, Shaking Cosmos Chaos craves.

Wild winds grab All slaves, So be strong free from graves.

Deepest Deep try to keep, Never Lose ~Deepone True.


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