Thursday, April 8, 2010

Oh My Moon

Oh Lord receive my hands up please!
I bend before you on my knees.
In an ocean I have a moon
to keep safe I need a boon.

When will it come closer to me?
My hands are like the wave of sea.
I want to hold like a balloon.
Why so high in sky that moon?

With smiling stars and singing trees,
I feel inside Midsummer's breeze.
Your rays, Your light in night of June.
Inspire hearts to dance in tune.

To touch you, kiss you boundaries dying.
All that's left is my heart sighing.
My heart is ocean your face the moon.
In your vibration I start to swoon.

Thought are flying like a cloud,
Sounds of love like thunder loud.
Within my life please come soon,
Remove all darkness, oh my moon.

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